Matt & Sarla


This is the first time we have used TrustedHousesitters. We were a little nervous at first. The idea of leaving our dog and house in the care of total strangers was daunting; however, once we had made the initial contact with John and Susan we immediately had a good feeling. We skyped and talked and exchanged emails before making the final decision. I must say it was the right decision. From the moment we confirmed the dates they both helped us to prepare for their arrival. They made suggestions and even sent us a preparation list of the things they would need to know. It was helpful as I took it for granted that things that we take for granted such as using the washing machine still needed to have instructions for new people, and things such as where the fuse box and mains water tap was. They kept in regular contact until they arrived.

They came a few days before hand so that we could explain everything and we instantly warmed to them. It was like we had known them for years. Susan immediately helped prepare food which helped her get familiar with the kitchen. They reminded us of anything else we had forgotten. They even suggested packing tips which was very helpful. Rufus took to them instantly and when we took them to our usual walks they knew his routine. They were keen to meet our friends and we knew we could go away on holiday without worrying about home. We had gone to the vets on the day arrived and so took them with us so they knew who our vet was. Our vet suggested that Rufus should go on a diet and they adhered to the vets’ suggestion. On our return Rufus had lost a little weight and had got into a new routine which we are now going to adhere to, Thank you both for this.

Both of them have a great deal of experience and knowledge and it was really helpful and interesting to hear about their travels. They kept in touch throughout our holiday and on our return I could see they had kept the house clean and tidy and looked after our belongings. John had even done some gardening. Susan had done some basic ration shopping and had prepared a lovely lunch for us, knowing we would be tired. We really enjoyed meeting John and Susan and can say we have not only had some reliable people to look after our home and pet, but we have made some really good friends who we will keep in touch with and I hope would come and visit again in the future.

We would recommend John and Susan to anyone looking for house sitting or pet sitting. They were great! Thank you to both.

Lindsay & Guy


John and Susan were ideal house sitters - easy to get along with, hardworking and resourceful. They looked after our place in Provence for three months and took on our 8000 square meters garden with gusto, keeping everything under control and taking on even daunting tasks like attacking the (very large) brambles.

They also painted our shutters for us and kept the minor maintenance under control at the house,  using initiative and essentially doing what we would have done ourselves. 

We spent some time with them and enjoyed their company over dinner - all in all, it was an excellent experience for us and we are grateful to them for taking such good care of our house and garden. 

Tia & Andrew

United States

We have known John and Susan for many years, being former colleagues as well as neighbors.  As duo homeowners, we appreciated having John and Susan look after our California apartment while we were at our Colorado home and vice versa. Their presence gave us peace of mind and reassured us that our beloved kittens were okay while we traveled overseas. 
As always, they are completely reliable, communicating with us as needed and kept everything in perfect shape. It is evident from visiting their house that they were very house proud, were experienced gardeners and with their love and respect for nature very capable companions for our pets. In our opinion, they are excellent house sitters. 

John & Shirley

United States

We have known John and Susan for about ten years. John and I first met providing management consulting services to a mutual client. We subsequently worked together with other clients, including sitting on advisory boards. As our business relationship turned to a friendship, our wives became acquainted and we have become close friends.
We have spent time in their Colorado home and Susan is meticulous about keeping things tidy. Between Susan’s love of cooking and John’s hands-on interest in gardening it was a pleasure to spend time visiting their mountain top paradise.  Through hard work and dedication, they created an idyllic setting, mastered a major home renovation to make it all possible.
As pet owners, we appreciated the attention they would give to our beloved dog during their subsequent visits.  Taking time to nuzzle and pet Lola independent of her not so subtle nudges gave us comfort.  We would feel comfortable leaving Lola with John and Susan if the need should ever arise. 
In short, Susan and John are conscientious, reliable and trustworthy and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for a house or pet sit.  They each bring different and shared skills to the relationship.  John is a problem solver, ethical and well-traveled and Susan is detailed oriented, open-minded, and caring. 


Airbnb, United States

John and Susan stayed with us for an entire month and we couldn't ask for any better guests! They were friendly, quiet, and clean. They even provided positive feedback on some little things we could do to provide an even better experience. I wish they could stay longer and hope they return in the future.

Barbara, Pia

Airbnb, Bali

John and Susan were wonderful guests. We'd gladly welcome them back at any time.


Airbnb, New Zealand

John and Susan are delightful guests. I enjoyed spending time with them when they returned from their day's excursions and they even made me coffee every morning while they checked the weather forecast to plan their next adventure! Well-traveled and open minded, they enjoy meeting people, learning about the culture and just go with the flow! Even though they caught me still unpacking boxes from my move in a state of dismay, they were patient, calm and very understanding of the situation; I felt they treated my home with utmost respect and it was a pleasure to share it with them. I would definitely love to have them stay with me again!


Airbnb, New Zealand

We continue to be very lucky enjoying great guests. John and Susan were super easy guests and we enjoyed meeting them very much. We felt at home with them. Happy wanderings:)

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